Society Code of Professional Behaviour

Members’ professional activities must be legal, and conform to all relevant legislation. The requirements to ensure compliance include practices, procedures and systems and the need to have a privacy policy which is readily available to participants from whom information is being collected.

Members must be honest and objective when conducting their professional activities and ensure that their professional activities are carried out in accordance with appropriate scientific research principles, methods and techniques.

Members’ professional activities must be conducted with professional responsibility and conform to the generally accepted principles of fair competition as generally accepted in business.

Members must not act in any way that could bring discredit on the profession, The Research Society or its Members, or lead to a loss of public confidence in the profession.

Members must not make false or otherwise misleading statements about their skills, experience or activities, or about those of their organisation.

Members must not unjustifiably criticise other Members.

Members must not abuse the trust of participants or exploit their lack of experience or knowledge.

Members must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that participants are in no way harmed or adversely affected as a direct result of their participation in a project.

Members must be mindful that the success of research relies on public confidence in the integrity of research and the confidential treatment of the information. Research must be clearly distinguished and separated from any marketing activity directed at individual participants, such as sales promotion, direct marketing, direct selling and similar activities.

Members must never undertake any activities, under the guise of research, that aim to manipulate, mislead or coerce individuals. This applies throughout the research process including proposal, data collection, analysis and reporting.