Sponsorship Opportunities

AGSER has a community of more than 600 research professionals and for more than 6 years we have been raising awareness of the pivotal role research, insight and analytics plays in the changing business and social environment.

Top reasons to build your brand with us

Reach your target audience

Collaboration with us will help you deliver your message to a broad range of research professionals including client-side researchers and end clients; business owners; researchers and insights professionals; analysts and data experts; marketing and advertising executives; government researchers and agencies.

Flexible packages

All of our sponsorship packages can be customised to meet your organisation’s specific needs and marketing objectives.

Support the profession and research sector

Partnering with the AGSER is a signal that your organisation supports the research sector in India. Your support allows us to implement and grow initiatives including the development of research professionals and promoting the importance of research to external stakeholders.

Opportunities to collaborate

Event Sponsorship

AGSER runs 20+ events a year with more than 800 delegates. We have a full calendar of events from local and special interest group meetings to educational seminars; online training including masterclasses and webinars; and state and national conferences – face to face and digital. Event sponsorship is customisable, cost-effective and impactful. Support the research profession and help us deliver first rate events at affordable prices.

Conference Sponsorship

The ICEIEE Conference has proven year after year that it is the can’t miss event for the AGSER. We will run a cut down Digital Conference in August 2022. Stay tuned for details.